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Nicole Leier talks about and her work with “Bite the Bullet Stories” working with Nicolas Cage

Nicole Leier joins host Elias on the podcast.

Nicole is an award-winning director and producer, as well as an actress. Following her role in “A Score to Settle” opposite Nicolas Cage, Nicole is currently on location directing her first full length feature film. Her role in "A Score to Settle" was originally written for a man, but after a stealer audition the part was re-written for her. Her collective credits in acting, directing, live theater, and producing, are the testament to her work ethic and raw talent.

Nicole has fought the adversities of being both a female and a woman of color in the industry and is using her voice and platform for change. Having left a difficult upbringing at her home at the young age of 13, she’s had quite a journey, and is certainly not one to let others define her purpose or her calling to inspire and help others.

Additionally, Nicole is an ambassador for “Bite the Bullet Stories” which is an organization committed to being a safe platform for men and women to share their stories of overcoming personal hardships and obstacles. Bite the Bullet was started with the objective of breaking stigmas, building self-worth and breeding empowerment for all, and has more recently dedicated to spreading the stories of protesters on the front line, and the tragic personal stories of police brutality and racism experienced by many.

You can find Nicole on Twitter @NicoleGLeier & Instagram @NicoleGLeier

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