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Interview: Tucker Albrizzi talks about playing Walt on Netflix's Mr. Iglesias

Tucker Albrizzi joins host Elias in the cave. You recently saw Tucker on Netflix's Mr. Iglesias as Walt, part 3 recently premiered on Dec 8th 2020. Tucker portrays one the more colorful struggling high school students in Mr. Iglesias’ history class.

With enormous curiosity and wisdom well beyond his years, Tucker has harnessed his unique long-time passion for tea by traveling the world, and learning about all types of tea cultures. Tucker took this passion to the next level in becoming a certified Tea Master in China. He’s obsessed with pandas, loves playing video games and is an expert on all things Geek. A brother to a cancer survivor and an animal lover, Tucker pours his heart into the Be The Match national bone marrow organization and can often be found with his dogs, a Pug named Sweet Pea and a Chiweenie named Keke.

You can find Tucker on Instagram @tuckeralbrizzi and Twitter @tuckeralbrizzi

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