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Brian Volk-Weiss creator of Netflix "The Toys That Made US" &"The Movies That Made Us"

I had the opportunity to talk to film and television producer/director Brian Volk-Weiss, the creator of the hit Netflix documentary series, "The Toys that Made Us" & "The Movies That Made Us".

I wanted to find out how the show went from being an idea in his head to one of the most popular shows on Netflix. How did it all come about and what he has planned for the show and what can we expect next? I also talked about Brian’s other projects, and his spin-off called ‘The Movies That Made Us‘, which is out on Netflix and covers childhood movies such as Home Alone, Ghostbusters, Die Hard and Dirty Dancing. If you enjoyed Toys That Made Us, definitely give this new show a watch.

You can find Brian on Instagram @brianvolkweiss

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