Michael Devine talks about playing "Detective Paul O’Rourke" in HBO’s new mini-series “The Undoing"
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Michael Devine talks about playing "Detective Paul O’Rourke" in HBO’s new mini-series “The Undoing"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Actor Michael Devine joins host Elias on the podcast.

Michael stars as ‘Detective Paul O’Rourke’ in HBO’s new mini-series “The Undoing” (with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant). To prepare for this role, Michael was able to take inspiration from his real-life duties as a recently retired NYPD Detective Sergeant. As well as, the many law enforcement roles he’s played over the years in notable film/TV shows such as When They See Us, The Post, Blue Bloods, Orange Is the New Black. 

Michael was actually a 3rd generation policeman – and lost his father in the line of duty. During Michael’s own fourth year as a policeman, he experienced the catastrophic events of 9/11. He was posted up at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral for most of the day doing surveillance work, and headed over to Ground Zero towards the end of the day to provide extra support. He spent 12-years in total working for the Chief of Detectives Office, and was most recently staffed to relay information to the press. Michael retired from the NYPD this year to focus on his blooming acting career.

In 2011, his fondness for music led him to release an album entitled ‘Songs of Valor and Hope,’ which landed at #1 in four different categories on Amazon Music. With Irish influences and tones similar to that of Josh Groban, the album consists of a collection of cover songs such as “Ave Maria,” “Hallelujah,” “Amazing Grace” and many more treasured classics. Michael has had the honor of performing his music at Madison Square Garden, Rainbow Room and Lincoln Center – and served as the NYPD’s National Anthem soloist. Aside from singing, he also plays the bagpipes. He is currently working on creating a new album, and hopes to one day be cast in a Broadway production.

You can find Michael on Twitter @MichaeIDevine & Instagram @MichaelPDevine

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