Maryam Basir talks ALLBLK‘s ‘Lace‘
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Maryam Basir talks ALLBLK‘s ‘Lace‘

Elias Giannakopoulos

Maryam Basir recently joined host Elias in the cave. Maryam stars as the title character in the new ALLBLK legal drama, “Lace.” The show follows Maryam as Lacey McCullough, a prolific Los Angeles lawyer who constantly blurs the lines between good and bad as she fights to get the best possible outcome for her clients. A multi-dimensional character, Lacey is very calculated and smart and is always a move ahead of everyone else.

Maryam booked the role of Lacey with no audition. Producers of the show had seen Maryam in recent roles such and decided Maryam would be perfect for the role of Lacey. After a call to her manager, Maryam found herself cast as the lead role in the series. The experience was entirely surreal and a dream come true for Maryam.

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