Mary Kate Wiles talks "Wayward Guide"
The Man Cave ChroniclesJanuary 16, 202119:3226.84 MB

Mary Kate Wiles talks "Wayward Guide"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Mary Kate Wiles recently joined host Elias in the cave. Mary Kate Wiles stars in the lead role web series Wayward Guide for The Untrained Eye, created by the Tin Can Brothers (Joey Richter, Brian Rosenthal and Cory Lubowich). The cast also includes Sean Astin, Darren Criss and Steve Zaragoza.

After uncovering a secret race of werewolves living among humans, podcast host, Artemis, and her twin brother, Paul, must decide who to trust and the price they’re willing to pay for a juicy story.

Wayward Guide is a 10 episode quarter hour live-action series and a 11 episode narrative podcast that will be released weekly.

You can find Mary Kate on Instagram @mkwiles 

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