Mariana Van Zeller talks about NatGeo's "Trafficked"
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Mariana Van Zeller talks about NatGeo's "Trafficked"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Investigative Journalist Mariana Van Zeller joins host Elias on the podcast. Mariana is the host of the new Nat Geo docuseries, Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller, which premieres Dec 2 on Nat Geo. 

Marianna takes a refreshingly clear-eyed view of some of today's most controversial, hot-button topics -- fentanyl, the sex industry, gunrunning, tiger smuggling, and more -- in a series that reminds us all too well of the vital importance of investigative journalism, especially in a time when facts are so easily distorted. Her fearless approach in embedding herself inside these dangerous, truly provocative worlds, in her pursuit of that elusive thing -- the truth -- is truly something to watch.


Mariana first won nation-wide attention with her 2010 documentary for Current TV, Vanguard: The OxyContin Express, a daring chronicle of the over-prescribing of painkillers, aka “legal drug dealing,” which won her the Peabody Award, a Television Academy Honors prize for achievement in ‘socially-conscious television’, a PRISM Award, and an Emmy Award nomination for ‘Outstanding Informational Programming’. Her extensive work has also appeared on CNN, PBS, UK's Channel 4, Canada's CBC, and many more. Internationally focused, her work has taken her all over the world, from Syria to Mexico, across Europe and in conflict regions around the world. She is fluent in five languages.

You can find Mariana on Instagram @MarianaVZ and Twitter @MarianaVZ

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