Interview: The NTWRK
The Man Cave ChroniclesApril 05, 2019
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Interview: The NTWRK

Elias Giannakopoulos

The Ntwrk join host Elias on this bonus episode release. The Ntwrk is an American musical group consisting of producers Ryan Moore, Brandon Monsta Brown, Chris Stanz, & songwriter Danielle Kinoshita. They are the modern-day Black-Eyed Peas and many members of the industry have already drawn similar comparisons. After experiencing getting their songs placed with major artists, The Ntwrk came together to release music under their own name as artists. The four-piece power house blends elements of Pop & Urban music to create exciting and pleasurable pop bangers. Their natural chemistry shines through on their 2nd single “Today” which debuted on Spotify’s Indie Pop Chillout and Fresh Finds playlist.

You can find them on Instagram @wearethentwrk and Twitter @wearethentwrk

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