Interview: Stephen Oyoung talks "For All Mankind" "Marvel's Spiderman" & more
The Man Cave ChroniclesJanuary 07, 2020
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Interview: Stephen Oyoung talks "For All Mankind" "Marvel's Spiderman" & more

Elias Giannakopoulos

Actor Stephen Oyoung joins host Elias on this week's episode. Stephen can currently be seen as ‘Harrison Liu’ in Apple TV’s “For All of Mankind”. He is best known for his starring role as the main villain 'Mr. Negative', in the best-selling super-hero video game of all time, Marvel’s Spider-Man for Sony Playstation 4. Stephen also trained in martial arts from an early age and became a master in Wushu/Kung Fu. He parlayed his skills into a successful career in stunts and became the fight choreographer for films such as The Equalizer with Denzel Washington, Peppermint with Jennifer Garner, and 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves. He helped trained Adam Driver with his sword work for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You can find Stephen on Instagram @stephenoyoung and Twitter @MrStephenOyoung

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