Interview: Stand Up Comedian Mike Koutrobis
The Man Cave ChroniclesJune 14, 201826:1536.06 MB

Interview: Stand Up Comedian Mike Koutrobis

Elias Giannakopoulos

Stand Up Comedian and fellow Greek Mike Koutrobis joins Elias on a bonus Episode of the podcast. 

Mike began what would become an outstanding comedy career. Mike’s witty and sarcastic commentary has brought him to clubs, colleges, and corporations throughout North America; appearing alongside some of the top headliners in the world. 

Mike has performed all over New England. Mike has also appeared in various motion pictures such as "Bleed for This" with Miles Teller, "Ghostbusters" with Melissa McCarthy and soon, you can see him in Steven King's series on Hulu, "Castle Rock"

You can find Mike on Twitter @MikeKcomic Instagram @MikeKcomic and 

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