Interview: Prem Singh & Michael Pugliese "Tiger"
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Interview: Prem Singh & Michael Pugliese "Tiger"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Prem Singh and Michael Pugliese join host Elias on Featured Chapter #14 on the podcast. 

Prem and Michael wrote and starred in the upcoming feature film Tiger, which also stars Academy Award nominee Mickey Rourke and Janel Parrish. The film is based on the true story of Pardeep Nagra, (played by Singh) a Canadian Sikh boxer who was banned from boxing by the association for his refusal to remove his facial hair (which went against his religious beliefs). 

Michael and Prem met in an acting class, and together co-wrote their first screenplay which ultimately became “Tiger.” One may wonder how two unknown Canadian actors raised $4 million for a feature and acquired the likes of Mickey Rourke. They actually found the gym he frequented and awaited their opportunity to pitch the film. Needless to say, Rourke was intrigued and signed on to play the role of Frank Donovan. Dubbed the next “Matt & Ben” by various outlets already it will certainly be interesting to see if that proves to be true come next Oscar season. 

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