Interview: Patrick Gilmore "Travelers"
The Man Cave ChroniclesJanuary 29, 2019
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Interview: Patrick Gilmore "Travelers"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Patrick Gilmore joins host Elias on this week's episode. Patrick stars on the Netflix series “Travelers,” opposite Eric McCormack. Previous credits include AMC’s “The Killing,” The CW’s “Smallville,” and Syfy’s “Stargate Universe,” amongst many others. Patrick will also star opposite singer Jann Arden in a new series entitled “Jann” slated to air in March of 2019. 

Aside from his work in front of the camera, he’s an aspiring pilot and is in the final stages of acquiring his license. Last year he was able to meet his idol Harrison Ford at an aviation event and they were both able to chat about their mutual love for navigating aircrafts. He’s also an avid photographer, loves to travel, and is modern day Renaissance Man in its truest form.

You can find Patrick on Instagram @patrickgilmore and Twitter @PatrickGilmore

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