Interview: New Rockwells
The Man Cave ChroniclesOctober 06, 201822:3330.97 MB

Interview: New Rockwells

Elias Giannakopoulos

The New Rockwell's Marty and Ben join host Elias on a Featured Chapter #15 on the podcast. 

The New Rockwells is the lovechild of folk-rocker Marty Boyle and jazzman Ben Muller. This barnstorming duo performs a style of rock all their own - a blending of folk, classic rock, and jazz. Drawing on influences from Billy Joel and Simon & Garfunkel to Steve Goodman and Jim Croce, TNR’s feel-good music has an old-school vibe with a groovy modern twist.

Marty and Ben crossed paths one night at Amherst College’s Marsh Coffee Haus. Impressed by each other’s performances, they began to collaborate - first on Marty’s debut solo album and then as The New Rockwells.

New album is out now Old Familiar Way, you can find them on Instagram @thenewrockwells Twitter @thenewerockwells and 

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