Interview: NEMR Stand Up Comedian
The Man Cave ChroniclesOctober 03, 2017
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Interview: NEMR Stand Up Comedian

Elias Giannakopoulos

On this week's podcast, Stand-Up Comedian Nemr visits The Man Cave Chronicles. Nemr is a Lebanese/American Stand-Up Comedian who is credited with establishing and pioneering the stand-up comedy scene throughout the Middle East where he performs in English. Nemr grew up in San Diego and then moved back with his family to Lebanon. He went on to break down barriers and unite people in a region where bombing on stage can have a completely different meaning. He has a SHOWTIME Special captured in a brand new comedy special, ‘No Bombing in Beirut’, which was filmed in both Lebanon and Los Angeles, and will premiere on Showtime in America, and CraveTV and the Movie Network across Canada, on October 7. You can find Nemr on Twitter @nemrcomedy and Instagram @nemrcomedy

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