Interview: Gabriel Hogan "Tacoma FD"
The Man Cave ChroniclesApril 02, 2019
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Interview: Gabriel Hogan "Tacoma FD"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Actor Gabriel Hogan from TruTV's new show Tacoma FD joins host Elias on this week's episode. He has become a familiar face to audiences worldwide, turning out critically acclaimed performances on both the big and small screen. A gifted and charismatic screen actor, appearing in over 300 episodes of television and over 45 Movies, Gabriel's career actually began onstage in the theatre. We talk about his career, his love for hockey and his new show Tacoma FD which takes place "in a firehouse in the wettest city in America. Light on blazes that need extinguishing, they are firefighters who are always ready to fight fires… but in this wet city, they find themselves tackling the less glamorous elements of the job.

You can find Gabe on Instagram @hoganfilm and Twitter @hoganfilm

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