Interview: Erick Lopez "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" "Faking It"
The Man Cave ChroniclesDecember 11, 2018
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Interview: Erick Lopez "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" "Faking It"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Actor/filmmaker Erick Lopez joins host Elias on this week's podcast episode. Erick Lopez stars as Hector on the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (on Netflix internationally) and he had a recurring role on MTV's Faking it. We talk about his career, growing up in Texas, being a Dallas Mavericks fan, and more, he is also the host of Erick Lopez Explains podcast which can be found on iTunes as well.

You can find Erick on Instagram @mr.ericklopez and Twitter @ErickVLopez

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