Gino Cafarelli talks about his role on "Capone"
The Man Cave ChroniclesJune 11, 202038:5453.54 MB

Gino Cafarelli talks about his role on "Capone"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Actor Gino Cafarelli joins host Elias on the podcast. Gino can be seen in Capone, opposite Tom Hardy. Gino plays “Gino’, Capone’s right-hand man and enforcer who was with him for 25 years and takes care of him when he retreats to Miami with his family to spend his last days. 

Gino was also recently seen as ‘Mayor Frank Rizzo’ in The Irishman opposite Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci.

We talk about his role in Capone, career, and his new children's book.

You can find Gino on Instagram @GinoCafarelli

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