Eddie Braun talks about his new film Stuntman on Disney+
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Eddie Braun talks about his new film Stuntman on Disney+

Elias Giannakopoulos

Eddie Braun recently joined host Elias in the cave! In 2016, legendary stuntman Eddie Braun successfully performed the one stunt no one, not even his childhood idol, daredevil Evel Kneivel, had ever accomplished – the famed flight over Snake River Canyon. (During Kneivel’s 1974 attempt, the parachute on his Skycycle X-2 was believed to have activated too early causing him to crash. Kneivel's flight was the second most popular televised event that year-earning better ratings than the Super Bowl.) Because no motorcycle existed which could fly ¼ mile, Kneivel tapped the best - NASA engineer Bob Truax – who worked on the intercontinental ballistic missile - to design it. Unfortunately, it resulted in a historic crash, forever tarnishing the reputations of both American heroes. 

Eddie's achievement generated enormous media attention. What the world didn’t know as he finally restored the legacies of the 70’s icons by soaring across the canyon at 439MPH in 3 seconds, instantly reaching 10,000 horsepower, at 8Gs, 3000 feet in the air in a steam-powered rocket rebuilt entirely from Truax’s original design (save for modifications to the parachute), is what transpired beforehand and the unprecedented hurdles one of Hollywood's biggest stuntmen faced to get there.

Eddie's epic journey is now chronicled in STUNTMAN (premiered on Disney+ on July 23rd) / EP’d by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and partner Dany Garcia.

You can watch this interview on YouTube https://youtu.be/jcF3Zs5aDFk

You can find Eddie on Instagram @Jcrsh4csh 

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