Director Seth Savoy from "Echo Boomers"
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Director Seth Savoy from "Echo Boomers"

Elias Giannakopoulos

Director and Writer Seth Savoy joins host Elias on the podcast.

Seth is the writer and director of “Echo Boomers" which stars Michael Shannon, Alex Pettyfer, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, which follows broke college disillusioned thieves who break into the homes of the wealthiest people in Chicago.

Originally penned in 2015, Seth took his script for “Echo Boomers” to Sundance, where he won an independent pitch competition and captured the industry’s attention.

The film, which was acquired by Saban Films, was released in select theatres, on demand, and digital on November 13, 2020. Seth has established his niche of fun and flashy filmmaking with strong political commentary.

You can find Seth on Instagram @SethSavoy

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