Alex Collins talks about his role as Dr. Mid-Nite on CW‘s ‘Stargirl‘
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Alex Collins talks about his role as Dr. Mid-Nite on CW‘s ‘Stargirl‘

Elias Giannakopoulos

Alex Collins recently joined host Elias in the cave! Alex was recently seen on CW's 'Stargirl as Dr. Mid-Nite. Collins was excited at the opportunity to take over the Dr. Mid-Nite role, adding “Working on this show has been a career highlight. Geoff Johns has created a warm and familial environment on set and stepping into a role played originally by such an experienced actor as Henry Thomas could have been intimidating and nerve-wracking were it not for being welcomed by Johns and the entire cast and crew. Brec Bassinger went out of her way to make me feel as if I’d been there since day one, and working with Anjelika Washington was such a treat. And who doesn’t want to play a legendary superhero, don the tights, super suit, and cape? Now, where’s my owl?”

While the CW’s Stargirl is Collins’ most recent role, he’s no stranger to the small screen. Audiences have seen his often rugged and brooding characters on HBO’s Lovecraft Country and True Detective, FOX’s The Gifted, and AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies. Besides his many television stints, Collins has also appeared in several major studio feature films. Among the titles are the Warner Bros thriller The Accountant, directed by Gavin O’Connor and starring Ben Affleck, Clint Eastwood’s dramatic bombing biopic Richard Jewell, and Rob Reiner’s Iraq War historical drama Shock & Awe, starring Woody Harrelson and James Marsden.


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